Above, you can watch an overview of my After Effects motion graphics work in a big ol’ montage. Below are some genre/industry-specific applications I’ve made for clients over the years.

Corporate, Business, & Education

SMITHSONIAN — Promotional video (for Plant Inc)
ATERNITY — Promotional video (for Adelie Studios)
AUDUBON — Falcon Tracker app tour (for Plant Inc)
EZ CATER — Explainer video (for Adelie Studios)
MERRIAM-WEBSTER — How Do You Pronounce “Vase”?
AMHERST COLLEGE — Mammoths vs. cows
MENS FITNESS — Sales presentation/sizzle reel (for Plant Inc)
PAPERDROP — Explainer video

Television & Advertising

MOJO MOTORS — Explainer video (for Adelie Studios)
AMC — Online promo for Taxi Driver (for Broadside Interactive)
TURN IT UP — Three very strange TV ads
NIGHT OWL — Television ad (for Adelie Studios)

Film & Documentary

MEF — Infographics for Media Education Foundation documentaries
ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT DP — Documentary motion graphics

Music & Entertainment

THE DEMOGRAPHIC — Letter music video
COCKY BITCHES — Album release announcement
BARBARIAN LORD — Graphic novel book trailer (art: Matt Smith)
MISS LYNN’S RAINBOW MACHINE — Animal Best Friends Music video
THE BLANKZ — I’m A Gun music video
THE OPTIMIST — Silly Stories With Dad! animated short

Video Editing

Eric Carle Museum Color | Joy exhibition (for TVGeis)

The Demographic Wolves music video

Fahd Musdang webseries

WATCHED IT The Die Hards webseries

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